This class is all about connection!
Johanna is the perfect facilitator for this intimate bonding experience for parent and child.
She has a soothing disposition and voice to match in both speech and song. Johanna leads the class with wisdom, confidence, and a playful exploration.
Her knowledge and training in the art of infant massage is evident from the first moment and continues through all of the classes.
Her passion for bringing parent and child together to form a deeper connection is apparent in every moment. She meets every family where they are and is lovingly observant with her encouragements and praise, making each family feel understood and seen. A rare and beautiful quality.
Johanna shares from her own experience and sets the tone for the thoughtful open discussions about child rearing and its many mysteries, which was welcomed and appreciated by all participants.
I loved this class!!!
Thank you Johanna for providing this series, I’m so grateful to have participated.
The skills I learned in infant massage will carry forward as my son grows and will continue to deepen our bond.
❤️ Ali – April 2018


So glad I signed up for this class, Johanna was an excellent teacher and created a warm and welcoming environment for babies and mommas to connect. For someone that doesn’t know a ton about massage I learned lots of simple massage techniques to incorporate into our bedtime routine! Stephanie – February 2018untitled-0260.jpg

I absolutely loved this class. It was wonderful to learn a skill that I can continue using as my baby gets older. It’s an excellent way to bond and interact with her that is soothing to both of us! The class was held at a good pace that accommodated how our babies were each day and the repetition ensured we will remember the moves when out of the class (plus the handouts). Johanna was an amazing teacher and facilitator and her calm and instructive manner is perfect for teaching this class. I’d totally recommend it. Plus you get to meet other awesome parents! 

Shannon – Oct 2017


It’s really nice to learn how to connect with your baby and watch them enjoy all the massage techniques you learn. Johanna is great. She has a very calm presence and makes you feel welcome. It’s a great community group and Johanna gives the mom’s a chance to connect and chat after class. Aryn – Oct 2017


Johanna’s class was wonderful. I really enjoyed learning a fun and smile-inducing activity to do with my baby girl! Johanna is also the loveliest instructor. Highly recommended! Sarah – November 2017


Totally recommend having this bonding experience with your baby! Johanna is very helpful, caring and thorough. Mariana – May 2017

My little and I loved this training, infant massage is now something we incorporate into our daily routine. Thank you Johanna for these new great skills! Dyan – May 2017


This is the coolest thing I did with my infant … it’s such an amazing way to bond with baby ! And such a great skill to have as a new mom! Johanna is extremely knowledgable and supportive through the classes! It was great to connect with other moms too! Danielle – May 2017


Had such an amazing time with my 9 month old at the baby massage class. Not only was its great to learn how to relax my busy child, but we were having tummy problems and this class taught me how to massage his tummy to relieve some discomfort. Johanna was also an amazing facilitator, we will miss our Saturday morning classes with the other moms. Lanaya – May 2017