Frequently Asked Questions

I have JUST had a baby, can we still come to the class? They are so tiny I’m worried they need to be bigger to take part. 

Yes, absolutely you can join a class. We accept babies between 0 and 1 year old. Our youngest participant so far was just two weeks old! Our classes are totally baby led and designed to be a safe, comfortable place to be. We notice that for some parents this is a really great ‘first class’ to join with their baby as its super relaxing for the adults and a safe place to feed, change, take care of your baby within a supportive group. It’s also good to come and learn the techniques early on as then you will be able to use your new skills from a very early stage. You will be able to begin this dialogue of loving touch early with your little one, allowing them to become familiar and comfortable with the massage practice from the early days.


I’m worried that my baby will sleep/poo/cry or disturb the class, can we still attend?

Chances are your baby will do at least one of these things during class and that’s totally fine! The class will go on and you will be free to attend to your baby’s needs, your baby is the boss! If you miss any of the practical portion then your instructor will take time to review the strokes with you at the end of the session.


Can I bring my partner along too?

Yes, of course, partners are always welcome. This is a lovely skill to learn together and to be able to support each other with along your parenting journey. There is no extra cost for you both to attend. At the start of each session you will decide which one of you will massage your baby and which will practice the strokes on the demo doll. This way we avoid the over stimulation of the baby by being massaged by two people or being passed between the two parents.


I have twins! Can we still join a class? Does it cost extra?

Twins are very welcome! It does not cost extra to bring along both of your babies. We recommend that you bring an extra adult along so that they can be a second pair of hands, that way you can focus on  connecting with your babies one at a time. It does not have to be your partner, it can be a friend or other family member.


I have a food allergy, will I still be able to eat the snacks provided?

Your instructors can ensure that there are snacks that you will be able to enjoy! The intake form that you complete on line after registration will provide us with details of any allergies/sensitivities.


My baby is crawling. I’m worried they will disrupt the class or be too mobile to be massaged. Is it worth me attending a class?

If you have an active baby you may feel some concerns around how the class will go. Good news! Your baby is very welcome in our classes! We teach a number of different ways to position your baby for a massage and by following their cues to ensure they are engaged and involved in the massage. If they feel the need to move their bodies then we provide opportunity for them to do just that, they often return to the parent and take what they need from the session before heading out to explore again. If you miss any parts of the massage session your instructor will always have a demo doll available for you to practice on and can review strokes at the end of the session.


Do you offer drop in classes or special shortened versions of your course for events?

Squamish Infant Massage follows the class model as designed and created by the International Association of Infant Massage. The 5 week session allows for parents to slowly build on their massage practice with their babies. It provides space for strokes to be repeated daily between sessions and for the impact of the practice to be observed and built upon. Connections are made over the five weeks between parents and their own babies and all the participants of the class. By keeping the group consistent between sessions we allow a feeling of community to develop.  Because it is a baby-led class there may be some weeks that you get to join the whole massage portion of the class with your baby and there may be others when you simply watch because you are busy feeding or cuddling your little one. Because we have the five sessions you will have many opportunities to practice the massage.


I would like to book a private class in my own home. Can I do that?

Yes! We offer private, in home classes. These are really nice for groups of friends, couples or people outside of Squamish. It is still delivered in the five weekly sessions but we work together to find a time and day that works for you! The pricing is outlined in the upcoming classes section of the site but please feel free to send an email to discuss arrangements or to get more information.