About Us

Squamish Infant Massage is fortunate to have two instructors facilitating classes in our community. This allows us to offer more flexibility and variety with class times and days. Learn a little more about the team here:


Johanna Ferguson

Johanna is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) with a background in early childhood development and education (Certified Early Childhood Educator). She has been working with children and families in the Sea to Sky corridor for the past 5 years following a decade of work in the field in the lower mainland.  Johanna continuously seeks new challenges and learning opportunities that can enrich her practice as an educator and facilitator. She has experience and training with the High Scope curriculum and is trained in the Seeds of Empathy program. She has also recently been working as an Infant Development Consultant which has allowed her to work alongside families with children aged 0-3.

In early 2017 Johanna attended training with the International Association of Infant Massage. This has enabled her to bring this widely recognised program to her own community. The philosophies of respecting the child as a whole being and engaging in a mutually respectful practice appealed to Johanna and complimented her personal and professional approach. Johanna particularly appreciates the programs focus on empowering parents and allowing them to be the experts on their own babies!

Originally from the UK Johanna now lives in Squamish with her husband and two young sons. As a mother, she has had first hand experience of how busy life with a new baby can be. She loves the simplicity of the ancient practice of infant massage, how it encourages us to slow down and really connect and learn from our babies. Johanna also appreciates how enriching it can be to find a group of other parents to connect with! She is passionate about the community and has a good working knowledge of all the resources available to parents. One of her favourite things is being able to hold a space in her classes to allow parents to share and connect. This is a time when we need community!

Kristyn Harrington

Kristyn ikristyn_harrington_kids_physio[104].jpgs a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) with a background in paediatric physiotherapy. For the past 5 years, she has worked with children of various ages with neurological, developmental and orthopaedic injuries or conditions. As the importance of early intervention became more and more undeniable over time, Kristyn’s client population continued to get younger and younger until she found a true passion for working with infants. Her keen areas of interest are in infant motor development and treating head shape deformities.

Kristyn is always looking for new tools to give parents and families to help them feel confident and pro-active with regards to their infant’s health and development. Spurred on by Johanna’s rave reviews, this lead to her to take the training offered by the International Association of Infant Massage in February of 2018. She fell in love with the curriculum, and felt is was a perfect compliment to her physiotherapy practice. While physiotherapy sessions focus largely on an infant’s motor output, the massage sessions are a brilliant way to target sensory input. Kristyn was inspired, and couldn’t wait to put her new knowledge into practice alongside Johanna at Squamish Infant Massage.

Kristyn moved to Squamish from Vancouver 2.5 years ago, and this past September she married the man who enticed her here. This also meant becoming a step-mom to the most amazing 4 year old boy who has taught her more about parenting and development than any course or textbook could. Their busy home just got even busier with the addition of a new baby boy born in August 2018. As Kristyn starts on her own journey into motherhood, she is thrilled to be able to connect and share infant massage with other new parents. She believes that working with families and fostering the parent-infant relationship is one of the most rewarding ways to provide support within a community. She looks forward to meeting you and your little one!